Shot of Spirituality

--- Josh Snyder ---

A short-form podcast from Goucher Hillel focusing on Jewish spiritual concepts relevant to the present moment.

Brought to you by Josh Snyder of Shot of Spirituality

Latest Episodes…

  1. #19 - Siyyum: Torah, Talmud and Life-Long Learning

    Deep learning never ends.  When we close a book, a tractate of Talmud, or a podcast, or finish a course or a degree, we celebrate with siyyum - a recognition that what we learned will forever be a part of us.  ...


  2. #18 - Tzedakah and Philanthropy

    Tzedakah - the Jewish concept of philanthropy - balances the strategic needs of support for the vulnerable, sustaining the community, and seeking justice - with the spiritual and emotional impact of giving with joy.  To support Goucher Hillel during Hillel Global Giving Week (May 2-7), when gifts are ...


  3. #17 - Love of the Earth

    A deep and fundamental aspect of Judaism is our connectedness to the earth.  It is our sacred responsibility and a dynamic source of spirituality.  For more resources on the connections between Judaism and the Environment beyond this episode, check out the following links as possible points of departure: ...


  4. #16 - Ahavat Yisrael (Love of Israel)

    What does the concept of love of Israel entail today?  What does sharing a sense of peoplehood mean to how Jews relate to one another, and how the world relates to them? You can watch Andrew Lustig's "What it Means to Be Jewish" here.   ...


  5. #15 - Spiritual Resistance

    This Yom HaShoah, we connect with the idea and memory of spiritual resistance during the Holocaust.  By the simple act of living and holding onto humanity through art, faith, and expression, Jewish people under Nazi tyranny participated in an audacious and powerful act of resistance. For more reading, ...