Shot of Spirituality

--- Josh Snyder ---

A short-form podcast from Goucher Hillel focusing on Jewish spiritual concepts relevant to the present moment.
Brought to you by Josh Snyder of Shot of Spirituality

Latest Episodes…

  1. #15 - Spiritual Resistance

    This Yom HaShoah, we connect with the idea and memory of spiritual resistance during the Holocaust.  By the simple act of living and holding onto humanity through art, faith, and expression, Jewish people under Nazi tyranny participated in an audacious and powerful act of resistance. For more reading, ...


  2. #14 - Exodus and Return: Passover 2021

    Passover is an opportunity to leave our own personal Egypt-state-of-mind, to see ourselves in the span of generations and to declare 'next year in Jerusalem'. ...


  3. #13 - Approaching Service

    Service is at the heart of Jewish observance, and yet it is often moved out of the spotlight in favor of ritual.  How can we center ourselves and find space for service in our busy lives? ...


  4. #12 - From Awareness to Action

    Mussar is a Jewish method of character development through reflection and intentional practice. We explore some of the key mussar practices, like chanting phrases with 'lips aflame', studying reflexively, and real-world assignments. For more mussar resources, you may want to explore these links: ...


  5. #11 - Building Self-Awareness

    Mussar, the Jewish discipline of ethical self-improvement, begins with building in a simple daily check-in for awareness of one's own actions and motivations. ...